Stabex Gas

Stabex now offers a fully fledged LPG brand  through its extensive retail and distribution networks across the region. The new LPG product range offers customers quality, safe and reliable gas. Our main goal is to contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG) through distribution of our LPG at affordable prices to the last mile.


1). Ensure you buy from authorized dealers/outlets or a Stabex Service Station near you.

2). Check the test date to determine if the cylinder is valid.

3). Ensure the cylinder has operating guidelines and safety sticker.
4). Confirm the weight of the gas before purchase.

5). Ensure the gas cylinder is sealed before issuance.


1). Readily available across the region in our service stations, major supermarkets and authorized dealers/outlets.

2). Safe, clean and convenient cooking.

3). Reasonably priced.

4). Spotless kitchen, cooking with Stabex gas does not leave behind thick puffs of smoke, soot or residue.

5). Simpler to switch off the burner after use.

6). Easy refill.

7). Burns consistently making it more reliable.

8). Door to door delivery on request and after service.

9). Easy to handle with instantaneous on/off knob that offers better control as you cook through flame regulation.